Raising the Vibe!

Onda = Vibration.  Lu is for LUMINOSA or LIGHT!  Ondalu came into form to help us raise the vibration.  The yoga of our times calls for more than personal transformation. It's time to lift up the planet!  It's time to recognize that what you put IN your body is as important as what you expect to get OUT of it.  And it's time to own that everything we do, every day, counts toward the WHOLE.  

Ondalu uses expert teachers who are natural at guiding you to wholeness, and the answers you have within.  With our support you'll find that achieving your health and wellness goals are secondary to living in alignment with the principles that get you there.  The principles?  Cultivate presence, move naturally, eat real foods that support living systems, including your own body.  There is no guru model here.  We are all in this together, and we all have access to a higher vibration that we can use to lift us beyond our current realities.

Ondalu is based in Carbondale, CO and created by Emily Hightower, who is the lead guide for the company. Emily also offers daily guidance by phone and skype to clients across the country.

Your Yoga

A core instrument of awakening to a vibrant, conscious life Ondalu Yoga is offered primarily by lead Instructor Emily Hightower, ERYT and creator of Ondalu (formerly Mobile Yogi est. 2003).  Feel yoga come alive in your own life with private instruction from one of Aspen Valley's most trusted and passionate teachers.  Emily has worked one on one for many thousands of hours with students from all walks of life.  She experiences each session as it's own, with a readiness to explore whatever might be offered.  Specialties include prenatal, athletes, adaptive and Thai Yoga Massage.  Full Bio here.