Off the Mat Into the Kitchen: Live the Food Revolution from the inside out! 12 Weeks to renew your body image, learn intuitive eating, and reach your ideal weight without force or diets.  This simple online group course includes weekly meditations, mini lectures on the yoga of food, holistic recipes and cooking tools that you can do at your own pace. Scroll down to see the Top Ten Food Issues addressed in this 90 Day, step by step course.

Our food behavior shapes more than our bodies, it shapes our society, the environment and our world. But food behavior, like yoga, has to come from the inside out. I help you live the truths you know you're ready to live, without the judgement or dogma that can come with food and body healing.

PROBLEM: No matter how many hours you may practice yoga in this lifetime, it's your food that is shaping most of your experience on the planet. What you eat every day determines your immune system functionality, the health of your nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems, your body weight, how your cells are dividing and what your brain is thinking. What you eat reflects how you feel about yourself. Food connects you to family, place, culture, tradition, and the planet itself. Our modern food supply is full of options, some of which we know are making us sick. Because food is so personal and interconnected, making changes to what we eat can be confusing, stressful, and full of habit loops that hold us back from real transformation.

SOLUTION: The ancient yogis have given us a non-dogmatic road map to living a great, balanced, happy life. When we apply their ten basic lifestyle principles to our modern food crisis, we have a beautiful path that leads you home to the wisdom of your body and the celebration of the life force in food. Off the Mat Into the Kitchen is my step-by-step course that leads you there.  

OUTLINE:  This step by step 12 week course will reshape your life in tangible ways. Your daily life will become connected to natural, powerful forces through the vital foods, clear meditations and powerful action steps you'll learn and apply with yoga's wisdom for food. Each week includes about an hour of course material that you can do at your own pace, plus bonus yogic mindfulness practices and recipes. We have an introductory week to learn some powerful tools to make the most of the course, then we go week by week through each of the 5 Yama and 5 Niyama to personally integrate the teachings applied to food behavior, and wrap up with a week of claiming our results and path forward.

I've identified the TOP TEN issues faced by my nutrition clients and aligned them with each of the Yama and Niyama to guide our integration. If you're ready to solve these problems from a deep, lasting, yogic perspective, this is your course! 

1.    Negative Self-Image and Thought Loops
2.    Sugar/inflammation and Toxicity
3.    Misinformation and Confusion
4.    Cravings
5.    Portion Control/ Never Enough Mentality
6.    Will Power
7.    Balancing Food and Life
8.    Lack of Skills (meal planning, cooking, saving, waste/compost)
9.    Hanging onto story of past or unreal expectations for body/future
10.    Missing Spiritual Connection to Food ~ Wanting to Model the FOOD REVOLUTION!

We'll come away with solutions to each of these common problems and tools you can use for life to model and share the path of Bliss through Nourishment! 

IMPORTANT: This is not a Diet Program that promotes a certain kind of eating style. You also don't have to BE perfect or be looking to BECOME perfect to join this course! You can be a meat-eating wine drinker and take this course. You can be an avid Vegan and take this course. You are on the right track if you care about healing and living a delicious life without dogma. This course is perfect for you if you:

  • have struggled with weight, emotional eating or low energy
  • are a yoga teacher who wants to integrate the lifestyle and model it in a more authentic way
  • know you could do more with food to heal your body and the world, but implementation is not happening
  • are open to using meditation to heal, or are full on ready to drop into a deeper practice
  • are a yogi who has struggled with food behavior and dieting, and is ready to breakthrough
  • are curious about the link between food, your health, and our planet and want to learn your truth about food so you can align with better options
  • are not sure if you should eat meat, gluten, dairy, honey, wheat, corn, soy, alcohol etc and are filled with too much information and not enough tools to make personal choices that fit your unique needs.

12 weeks of supported meditation, recipes, lecture downloads and fun together on a healing shared journey. Where will you be in 3 months? If you take this course, you will be in a place of sincere renewal and power. See you soon!