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Emily Hightower, the founder of Ondalu, is a Master Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist with an avid outdoor guiding background.  Emily uses nutrition, yoga, and outdoor adventure as a practical mechanism for tapping into the ancient healing wisdom of our bodies.  

 A scholar of post-modern nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, Emily specializes in empowering people to maximize wellness through targeted holistic nutrition practices. Using whole foods and skilled coaching, she helps people alleviate addictive patterns, restore energy, and achieve and maintain their ideal weight. Her coaching style is yogic in nature. She sees each person as the light they have within, holds them accountable and in alignment with their purpose, and draws on the present moment for clarity and power. Clients feel deeply acknowledged, are able to clear the past and launch into creative fulfillment while connecting to their innate wisdom.

With over 12,000 hours and 16 years’ experience as a yoga instructor, Emily uses applied yoga as a doorway to lasting transformation. Yoga permeates her nutrition and adventure offerings and is a stand-alone offering in private or group courses.  Emily has directed fieldwork with a wide variety of groups, including Wounded Soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Challenge Aspen International, Women and Teen Girls Empowerment, Mindful Running Workshops, and is a river/yoga guide with Downriver Divas.

As former Education Director for the Headwaters Institute, Emily directed watershed education and conservation seminars on 28 rivers in the United States and Patagonia, Chile. With Ondalu, Emily’s hands-on practice has taken her throughout the Rocky Mountains, into the Grand Canyon, along the beaches of Hawaii and Mexico, and as far as India. 

Author, speaker, and guide; Emily believes in our shared ability to raise consciousness for a healthier world.


PURPOSE ::  To normalize real food and lifestyle choices that support self-healing and a happier planet.  To translate yoga's lifestyle philosophy with modern nutrition knowledge to help people take control of their own health and well-being. To raise collective consciousness that we may pass on a healthy planet and way of living for future generations, and to unite with other professionals in health and wellness fields creating synergy and integration.  

As dynamic organisms of life and energy, we are meant to thrive. Ondalu taps you into the light you have within, so you can ride it like an easy wave through life's myriad cycles and choices. 


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