Ondalu coaching, courses, and retreats help you master your own nervous system to be a calm, present and positive force for your own wellbeing. We use yoga, nutrition, nature, and playfulness to break you free from addictive, limiting patterns to live your life with presence and power.

My Personal Approach:

You are valued and heard with open appreciation and acceptance for your path. Unlike most programs that focus on a list of restrictions, my process empowers you with basic changes you can implement over time as you articulate and achieve your goals. Learn what your soul wants to experience, what's holding you back, and how your food and lifestyle can tangibly shift to better fulfill you.

Meeting you where you are, you'll discover how to add in the yoga or foods that will flood your cells with the movement and nutrition they crave. Your body will start to change from the inside out, and old habits that no longer serve naturally melt away. My clients watch their cravings dissolve, healthy routines become mindless, and weight balances to an ideal that reflects a new consciousness. This will never be an exercise in finger wagging, but a guided approach that ignites your own inner wisdom and addresses your unique nutrition and lifestyle needs. 

Enroll in our online offerings or contact me for retreats, immersions, and coaching :: [email protected]

~ namaste ~

Emily Hightower

Founder, Ondalu EYRT, CCHC 


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